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Just curious

Post by lcoughey » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:12 pm

I know that there are a lot of labs who charge the same rate for a drive with stuck heads as a drive that needs a head change and am curious if that is the norm. For us, we charge our minor recovery rate (https://www.recoveryforce.com/pricing) unless we actually do need to change the heads.

Also, what about cases where the client previously opened the drive? We have a 3TB MyBook where someone opened the drive, but when we got it, it looked okay inside, we fixed a few minor firmware issues and are cloning the drive with minimal read errors. Again, this would fall under our minor recovery rate, without penalty for opening the drive. We do charge an extra $1000 up front fee on cases where the platters are dirty from previous recovery attempts, but that is fairly rare.

Anyway, just curious to how other approach things.

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