BlackBerry KeyONE - Sent for Repair

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BlackBerry KeyONE - Sent for Repair

Post by lcoughey » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:14 pm

Almost 2 weeks ago, I discovered that although my cell phone signal at my office was bad, the biggest reason I couldn't hear people when they called me was because the actual earpiece speaker was dead. So, I went out and bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 as a temp phone so that I could stay connected while my phone went out for repair. I got shipping notification saying that my phone is on its way back and is on vehicle for delivery this morning.

So, here a few thoughts from this process:

1. BlackBerry Mobile Service communication sucks. Basically, it does not exist, though I did get a little more details when sending messages to them via twitter than I did when phoning
2. BlackBerry Mobile Service, itself, seems to be good. If the PM on twitter is correct, I'm getting a new phone. So, I may edit this, depending on what I receive
3. Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life sucks
4. Samsung Galaxy S6 is a horrible device for communication that requires a lot of typing
5. Touch screen typing is painful...spend more time trying to fix auto-corrections than actually typing
6. It is annoying to lose almost 1/2 the screen to the keyboard when typing
7. Life without a physical keyboard on my phone is torture
8. I am spoiled with the long battery life of the BlackBerry KeyONE

To put it into perspective. I had moved from BlackBerry, years ago, to a Samsung Galaxy S3. At that time, the only issue I had was the lack of BBM for Android and I felt guilty not supporting a local company, so I switched back to BlackBerry as soon as they released the Z10 and went the Z30 when it was released, both full touch screen devices. And, I've owned a BlackBerry PRIV for almost 2 years before making the switch to the BlackBerry KeyONE when it was released. So, I'm both very familiar with Android OS and full touch screen devices. That said, I'm more excited now about getting my KeyONE back than I was to purchase it in the first place.

I've owned a lot of phones over the years and the BlackBerry KeyONE is the best one I have ever owned with the BlackBerry PRIV coming in at a close second.

If you or anyone thinks that BlackBerry is dead, think again.

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