Quickbooks Activation

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Quickbooks Activation

Post by lcoughey » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:29 pm

Got Quickbooks and trying to reinstall, but having issues with activation? If you already have the activation code, you can bring up a secondary window which will allow you to directly enter the code and activate the application.

Under the help menu, click on "About Quicbooks...." link at the bottom of the menu. When the green circle with the details about Quickbooks pops us, type CTRL+P+R and the activation window will pop up. Enter your activation code and you are done.

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Re: Quickbooks Activation

Post by Jared » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:07 pm

Yep, been doing that for years. They make is such a pita to re-install when you upgrade a computer, but once I figured this out I was able to move my license around freely.

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