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Thoughts about RapidSpar

Post by lcoughey » Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:20 pm

In playing with RapidSpar, I've found that it can be a very powerful imaging tool for technicians to own. It is not, however, a tool that is recommended for data recovery labs, with the exception of those who might offer some sort of on site services or want an extra imager for forensic cases.

Compared to software cloning programs, the RapidSpar handles unstable drives with bad sectors 1000 times better, is faster and will get a better recovery result. On top of that, its diagnostic feature helps the user quickly diagnose drive issues which can quickly identify a hard drive that is better sent out to a professional data recovery lab.

Looking back to the days when I was just running a computer service company and started to get into data recovery, this unit would have paid for itself within a few months, if not in the first month of purchase.

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